2011 Canada Games: Now Available on a TV Near You

Photo Credit: 2011 Canada Games

Throughout the first week of the 2011 Canada Games records have been broken, underdogs have beaten the odds and those in attendence have been treated to good old East Coast hospitality.

Canada’s youth athletics has been on display for all those to see.

Well, sort of.

Despite the success thus far of the games, the lack of television coverage and access has been a consistent complaint from those unable to physically attend the events or those who are stuck relying on less than reliable webstreaming.

Now one week into the games, the powers at be are moving to rectify this issue and coverage has been dramatically expanded for the rest of the competition. In an email today, the Host Society released the following statement:

For week two of the Halifax 2011 Canada Games, all TSN and TSN2 Canada Games coverage will be available on Bell Aliant, Bell ExpressVu, Eastlink and Shaw Direct.

TSN coverage will be available on Bell Aliant in Atlantic Canada and to Eastlink digital subscribers in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Bell ExpressVu and Shaw Direct satellite customers will now be able to access TSN2 coverage nationally.

Customers are asked to check their local listings for more details.

With a dramatic increase in access to the games, it remains to be seen whether those left in the dark will take advantage of the opportunity and tune in for the final week.

Henry is a contributor to and part of the Bill McLean Sports Show on 88.1 CKDU every Tuesday Mornings at 11. You can follow him on twitter at HenryWhitfield, where he live tweets his thoughts during each Mooseheads games

A Wembley Christmas Special

My view at Wembley.

Haligonia Sports Contributor Henry Whitfield is spending his Christmas vacation across the pond in England. While there he will be contributing match reports on Cricket, Rugby and Premier League Football.

The following is an account of the December 26th Rugby Union match between Saracens and London Wasps of the Aviva Premiership.

The new 90,000 seat Wembley Stadium in England was opened to the world in 2007, a state of the art facility. Since that moment, I have eagerly anticipated the day that I would finally see the modern wonder in person.

Today that goal was fulfilled.

My family bundled into two cars and headed off into London, not knowing the destination I was quite chuffed when I saw the distant outline of the new Wembley Stadium come into view.

For those of you not familiar, the Football Association knocked down the old Wembley Stadium, home to the 1948 Olympics, 1966 World Cup Finals, Live Aid in 1985 back in 2003.

Today the match is a Rugby Premiership match between the home team Saracens and the visiting London Wasps. An important match with the Wasps on an unbeaten streak and the Sarries grinding out results over the last few weeks, but the main story line is the debut of Gavin Henson after a 21-month absence.

We arrived a full two hours before kick-off and head towards the Club Entrance, we’ve been lucky enough to snag tickets in the Royal Box. Yes, the area that the Royal family would normally sit in when in attendance and it lived up to the impressive name.

The day was packed full of sweet swag!

On our way in, we walked past a stunning piece of history. Above the walkway hung a crossbar from the 1966 World Cup tournament, proudly hung as a

Memories from the old Wembley Stadium

tribute to the last and only time the motherland of football has hosted the tournament. Walking up the stairs we were thrown a heap of great swag that included a special match-day scarf, supporters flag and programs.

Once inside we are seated in a large dining room, where we await the pre-game show and are treated to a pre-game interview with Saracen star Jacques Burger, who leads his team with 92 tackles but unfortunately is out with an injury.

The pre-game ceremony includes a few bands, but the main attraction is pop star Eliza Doolittle, who she sets the stage for an entertaining afternoon. Soon after the crowd erupts, their stars run onto the pitch and the referee is ready to start the match.

The match begins with both sides playing cautiously, a dull affair to start with neither team scoring a try in the first half. The only scoring comes from teenager Owen Farrell, who kicks the only three points of the half to give the Saracens a 3 – 0 lead at the interval.

Saracens come out flying in the second half, scrum-half Neil De Kock finds flanker Andy Saull, who bowls his way through the line for the score, and Farrell confidently adds the conversion.

With a 10 – 0 lead in hand, the Sarries continue to dominate play and are further sparked by Henson’s introduction. Despite being out of action for 21-months, Henson didn’t miss a beat. He almost makes an instant impact, but he narrowly misses a try, with Wasps scrum-half Joe Simpson making the last ditch tackle for his side.

Farrell would add another three points to put the Saracens in a commanding lead, leaving Wasps with only a chance to answer back with penalty kicks. Dave Walder was more than happy to oblige and added his own six points for the Wasps but that was all they could manage, a final score of 13 – 6 on the day.

Just a few minutes remain,“Stand Up, Stand Up for the Saracens” bellowing around the stadium and their fans sounding their approval of a well earned win.

My first experience of the new Wembley has been a positive one and a lively afternoon of Rugby will be forever my first memory there. The 38, 425 passionate,

The Wembley Arch lit up at night.

loud fans who braved the cold Boxing Day weather to cheer on their team etched in my mind.

As I walk away from Wembley, I look back and see the sparkling arc rising across the roof and soak it all in.

All in all, my first experience of the new Wembley is one I’ll never forget.

Check back this week for Henry’s match day report from the Emirates Stadium, where Chelsea FC visit Arsenal in a big four battle.

Henry Whitfield is an avid football fan and you can find his thoughts on sports and more on his blog, or follow him on twitter @HenryWhitfield. You can also listen to him on air as a regular contributor to the Bill McLean Sports show on 88.1 CKDU.


This Week In Sports (Jul 16th)

This week is the launch of our new segment, This Week In Sports, where we will recap what we judge to be the best, most interesting and newsworthy stories of the past week in the wide-world of Sports.

Whether it’s Baseball, Football, Darts, Cricket, Water Polo or bridge, if it’s newsworthy we’ll throw it your way. If you have suggestions or idea’s, or want to throw a newstory our way fire it to or leave it in the comment section.

This Week In Sports (Jul 16th Ed)

  • In baseball the Year Of The Pitcher continued into the All-Star break, with a close 3-1 win by the National League over the American League. The stellar pitching also continued in the Home Run Derby, where Corey Hart’s pitcher managed to help him go homerunless in the second round.


  • Perenial choke-artist Evgeni Nabokov has flown the coop and run back to Europe with his tail between his legs, the San Jose Sharks had informed the goaltender that his services were no longer needed to help them with their string of playoff mishaps; They  already resigned Marleau to fill that role.


  • In the NBA, the Miami Heat performed a coup in bringing Toronto favorite Chris Bosh and reigning NBA MVP LeBron James to their city, whilealso  re-signing their own fan favorite Dwaye Wade. This prompted the New York Knicks to temporarily lose their mind and sign Amare Stoudemire for a contract that could be worth $100mil over five years.


  • Roy Hodgson, former Fulham saviour and the new Liverpool manager, has come out and informed the public that neither Steven Gerrard or Fernando Torres will be leaving the club anytime soon. However, the manger seemed concerned that he was unable to locate and contact Argentine Javier Mascherano; this isn’t really news, as the midfielder was no where to be found for much of the World Cup and the 2009/2010  season.


  • In sad news for the world of baseball, the owner of the New York Yankees has died. George Steinbrenner, who was made a part of pop-culture through Seinfeld, passed away on the morning of the All-Star game after what was described as a massive heart attack.


  • Lastly, in a plug of shameless self promotion, Sports With Henry broke an exciting news story on the status of highly-touted European draft pick Martin Frk and how contract negotiations are going with the Halifax Mooseheads, Allan Walsh says Have faith.

Have Faith With Frk

Will Martin Frk come to Moose Country? His Agent says Have Faith

In today’s Halifax Metro, Mathew Wuerst reported that attempts to sort out the signing of Import Draft pick Martin Frk were not going anywhere.

In the article he wrote that the player is apparently facing contractual issues in the Czech Republic and that his agent Allan Walsh had yet to return phone calls on the issue.

Remembering how active the high-profile agent was during the story-book playoff run by the Habs, he’s the agent for Jaroslav Halak, I took matters into my own hands and fired off a tweet to the agent, who uses the username @walsha:

@walsha How about getting the Frk deal sorted out with the #HalifaxMooseheads so that fans can enjoy his talent! He’s halaktastic! #QMJHL

After a few hours of nervous waiting, Walsh fired me off a reply. It was short but to the point:

@HenryWhitfield Have faith.

Well, there you have it Moose Country, Martin Frk’s agent is telling us to have faith and if all goes well, maybe we will see the young talented forward playing for the Herd this season.

And heck, if you’re reading this Allan Walsh, I’m you’re man if you want to break this story when its done.

That’s it for now out of Moose Country, but keep you’re eyes on my blog for updates as this story evolves and hopefully for next week’s CKDU show we’ll have more details for you.

You can also go listen to the archives for yesterday’s Bill McLean’s Sport Show where we talked Lebronmania, the World Cup and Baseball.

Radio and Video.. oh my!

We’ve had a pretty exciting couple of weeks here for the Website, as we’ve had Henry go on CKDU for Sports With Bill McLean to discuss the World Cup and he was in the studio today for this week’s Haligonia Sports to setup the World Cup Finals, LeBron James and answering some quickfire questions.

You can find the video content right here and hopefully some more will be coming soon.

The radio archive from Tuesday, July 6th on CKDU can also be found right here, where all the Semi-Final action is discussed and other World Cup goodness.

Don’t forget to tune in Tuesday morning @ 11am for World Cup Wrap-up on CKDU once again, and you can listen live on 88.1 FM or

A Few Changes Around Here

If you have been reading ‘Sports With Henry’ for the last few weeks, you will notice a drastic change and there are more to come.

Name Change // Gone is the old name ‘Sports With Henry’ and in with a new, distinct blog name: “The Ignorant Sports Fan”

Theme Change // The Black/Orange is gone for a more simplistic, appealing theme but expect this to change as I edit/mess around with color schemes.

New Contributors // Starting with next week there will be a few more contributors to the blog (Hence the name change…). That being said, if anyone wants to write and contribute to the blog contact or leave a comment.

Video Updates // Currently we’re looking into adding a weekly or twice weekly video update to the blog. This will add some more media to the site, and hopefully keep you coming back for more!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and following so far, we’ve had a much higher view count than I had expected and with the changes, we’ll keep growing!