Euro 2012 Preview and Predictions

By: Henry Whitfield

(Photo Credit: UEFA)

Euro 2012 Preview & Prediction

While Chelsea have shown that making predictions upon form, players status and stats on paper is a fools game (Errr Just ask Napoli, Barcelona and Bayern Munich), I’ll take my chances at predicting how the European Champions will go.

Keep in mind, that while I make these predictions I’m listening to an endless loop of Vindaloo and Three Lions:

Group A: – Russia, Czech Republic, PolandGreece

Easily the most even group at the Euro’s and all four team’s have a very real chance of getting into the knock-out rounds. Poland will come out strong and beat Greece in their opener on the back of home support, but Russia will take all three win’s in this group, while the lucky Czech’s will go through second.

– – –

Group B – Netherlands, Germany, PortugalDenmark

The unanimous Group of Death, with three of the best in the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal, leaving former champion Denmark little chance on coming out of the group stage. Germany are my favourites to go the whole way this year, but I think the Dutch will get the best of them in the group; Portugal ends up the bridesmaids and not making it out of the group.

– – –

Group C – Spain, Italy, Republic of IrelandCroatia

Many say Group C is the most straightforward, with Spain and Italy the early favourites to cruise through to the quarterfinals, however the resurgence of Ireland and the recent play of Roy Keane and Shane Long will give the Irish some hope. Italy has the potential to be distracted (The entire country cheats at Football), but I’d expect them to go through with Spain. If there is ONE country I see busting my predictions, it’s the Republic of Ireland who I’d see finishing second.

– – –

Group D: – FranceEngland, UkraineSweden

Oh, Group D, what you do to me. France comes into the Euro’s on a 21-game unbeaten streak with 9 goals in their three warm-up friendly matches, while England has been plagued with off-field issues (Racist Captains, Quitting Managers and a rebellious ex-captain) and to make matters worse have been plagued with injuries. Ukraine will be tough at home, while the Swedes have never been a pushover at a competition, still I see France and England going through.

– – –

In the interest of saving time (We all know how Brackets love to actually work), here’s how I see the rest of the tournament flushing out:

QF 1Russia v Germany

QF 2Czech Republic v Netherlands

QF 3 Spain v France

QF 4Italy v England

SF 1 –  Germany v France

SF 2 Netherlands v England 

Final – Germany v England (I’m not even going to touch this with a ten-foot-pole)

– – –

One thing to remember: When it comes to knock-out football, anything can happen and usually does. Also, to be fair I’m expecting a Netherlands v Germany Final and that the German’s will prevail. But, this is my Brain on England, deal with it.

Here are some predictions from the rest of the Sportstream Crew:

Steve Betts (Baseball Insider, Voice of Tiger’s Men’s Hockey) – Winner: Spain |  Runner-up: Italy |  Darkhorse: France

Tom Dobbyne (Football Insider) – Winner: England | Runner-up: Germany | Darkhorse: Republic of Ireland

Joel MacDougall: (Hockey and Baseball Insider) – Winner Netherlands | Runner-up: Germany/Spain

Bill McLean (Voice of the Dalhousie Tigers, Chief of Sportstream) – Winner: Germany

– – –

Henry is a writer for  and part of the Bill McLean Sports Show on 88.1 CKDU  every Thursday Morning at 9am. You can follow him on twitter at @HenryWhitfield , he’ll be bringing daily updates throughout the entire European Championships.


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