Summer Sport Blues

The summer months are boring me to death.

The NBA and NHL have both wrapped up their 2010/2011 season’s and the NFL continues their negotiations to have a season in the fall.

The Bruins and Mavericks are champions, the rest focusing on next season and putting the disappointments behind them. Sure, we have Baseball and both the NHL and NBA just conducted their annual entry drafts, but the summer months can be cruel to a sport fan in Canada.

Vettel and Red Bull are the new dominant force in Formula One racing.e

We spend these Summer months following rumours and speculation, hoping that real news will pop up and help us out. Who will your team sign, will there be wholesale changes or will your team implode in a few hours a la Philadelphia Flyers last week.

There is however a there is a perfect solution, if you know where to look. If you are willing to spread your interest, open up to international sport, well, there is a smorgasbord of sport to watch and enjoy.

Wimbledon is treating the tennis world to another exciting tournament, both Serena and Venus William’s were sent packing, while the men’s side has top end talent left to battle it out in the quarter finals.

In soccer, the Women’s World Cup has started with a bang in Germany and over 700,000 tickets have been sold. Germany and the USA are the biggest draws, but England and Canada have opened their tournament with strong showings despite not picking up a win in their first matches.

The world of Cricket continues year round and fans have been treated to an exciting Test series between England and Sri Lanka, while the West Indies and India are also battling it out in their own test match series.

Not to mention the excitement of Formula One, a season dominated by Redbull and their battle with second place McLaren and the rivalry of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

It’s your choice.

Sit around and be bored with the under performing Jays or the dysfunctional Toronto FC or sitting around waiting for the TSN crew to break the latest trade or signing.


Take a chance on a new sport, you may just get hooked.

Henry is a contributor to and part of the Bill McLean Sports Show on 88.1 CKDU every Tuesday Morning at 11. You can follow him on twitter at HenryWhitfield, where he live tweets his thoughts during each Mooseheads games

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