What is MacKinnon worth?

How much is 'the next Sidney Crosby' worth? (Photo Credit: Hockey Canada)

By: Henry Whitfield

What is Nathan MacKinnon worth?

Baie-Commeau is publicly saying that they will not be trading away their top pick, but it is apparent that no guarantee from the young star has yet to be made.

Every team in the league will have contacted Steve Ahern and let them know they’re interested, but what is the right price for the next Sidney Crosby?

While it would be great to land someone as talented as MacKinnon, many players have been dubbed the second coming only to fizzle out and be a flop.

The great Alexander Daigle, drafted first by the Senators in 1999 anyone? Wisely chosen ahead of Saku Koivu, Chris Pronger and Paul Kariya.


How about Hall of Fame Sam Bowie in the NBA 1984 draft, picked ahead of little known players like Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins and Charles Barkley.

Frk and Abeltshauser are locked in as the Mooseheads two Euro players. (Photo Credit: Richard LaFortune)

Nonetheless, the question is whether a team like the Halifax Mooseheads mortgage their future for a shot at this would-be stud? Is the price of Carl Gelinas,Andrew Ryan, Simon Desmarais and draft picks too much to give up?

The pressure is immense, a team that has floundered and found itself the worst team in the CHL over the last few seasons.

However, the Mooseheads have a roster stocked with young talent, a brand new head coach who knows what he is doing and a general manager who pulled all the right moves last year.

With a first-round pick (11th overall) in the CHL Import draft to move around and five picks in the top 50, the Mooseheads should be able to move this team forward to build a winner.

Don’t get me wrong, picking up MacKinnon would be huge for the young Herd, imagine Frk and MacKinnon on the same line, but is it worth taking five steps back only to take a few steps forward?


Henry is a contributor to Sportstream.ca and part of the Bill McLean Sports Show on 88.1 CKDU every Tuesday Morning at 11. You can follow him on twitter at HenryWhitfield, where he live tweets his thoughts during each Mooseheads game.


One comment

  1. Appears to me that Gelinas and Desmaris are part of any B-C package, being francophones and not the happiest of Mooseheads last year, I suspect/understand.
    Looks like B-C’s moves today suggest they are Going For It next year. Desjardins (experience, work ethic and defensive abilities) might also be part of the package? Two or three of the high Moose picks (including #11, or , even?, #4) should be the Moose package for MacKinnon.B-C would have these picks or young players to use at the draft or Xmas to get even more veteran talent for next spring’s playoff run
    Can’t see Ryan in the package myself as he’d be a key Moose the year after MacKinnon graduates to the NHL (as an 18 YO). On the other hand such a package may not be enough given the Rimouski assets. Are Quebec-based heavy-weights Gatineau and Quebec in the mix? Moncton?
    So far Cam Russell’s performance as GM has been impressive to me. The next 24 hours will be,by far,the biggest test of his management career, though.

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