NHL Western Conference Final Predos

Vancouver Canucks (1) vs San Jose Sharks (2)

Many chalked in this matchup months ago and after battling through the first two rounds, the Sharks and Canucks are ready to battle it out for the Western Conference.

While the Sharks got here through their big guys showing up, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau both showed up against the Red Wings. However, the Canucks have rode the play of Ryan Kesler while their twin stars fail to shine and play supporting cast.

The Sedin Twins have the stars aligned to get going, with the Sharks Penalty Killing hurting the brothers should be able to start firing on all cylinders in no-time at all.

Roberto Luongo has everything to prove while Antti Niemi has been there and done that. The series pits a top pedigree goalie who hasn’t proved himself in the playoffs against a goalie that can’t get it done but has a Stanley Cup win on his resume.

Key Players: The Sedin Twins are the way to the Stanley Cup for the Canucks and will need to start playing for this team to get to the promised land. Kesler can only carry the team so far before the talented duo have to pick up the slack.

My Prediction? The Canucks win in Six, pitting them up against the Boston Bruins for Hockey’s holy grail.

Agree? Disagree? Think i’m crazy? That’s fine, chime in with your 2-Cents below in the comments section and let us know your predictions and thoughts for the second round of the playoffs.


Henry is a contributor to Sportstream.ca and part of the Bill McLean Sports Show on 88.1 CKDU every Tuesday Morning at 11. You can follow him on twitter at HenryWhitfield, where he live tweets his thoughts during each Mooseheads games


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