A Present For The Fans

The future is certainly bright for Frk and Abeltshauser.

By: Henry Whitfield

Photo Credit: Richard LaFortune

The Mooseheads are getting a Head Coach.

And no, it’s not a late April Fool’s joke.


Christmas came early for Moose Country this weekend, with Owner Bobby Smith announcing that the Halifax Mooseheads Organization would be clearing house behind the bench and stepping away from Head Coaching duties.

This will be exciting news for Mooseheads fans who have seen their last two Head Coaches start with little to no experience in their role.

After a disappointing start to the season Smith took over behind the bench, but never got the team playing to it’s potential.

Frustration was felt by the fans all season as they watched a young, talented core of players fail to develop and progress under an inexperienced and clearly ineffective coaching staff.

With Smith’s announcement that the team will be starting fresh, both Assistant Coaches Chris Donnelly and Jason Troini will be leaving and General Manager Cam Russell will be staying upstairs, the organization can look forward to a bright future.

While the team showed flashes of brilliance at times this past season, a stunning win over Drummondville stands out, the team lacked consistency and failed to pick up any momentum.

It is now time for the Moose Country Head Coach Watch.

Get excited Moose Fans.

Henry is a contributor to Sportstream.ca and part of the Bill McLean Sports Show on 88.1 CKDU every Tuesday Mornings at 11. You can follow him on twitter at HenryWhitfield, where he live tweets his thoughts during each Mooseheads games


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