So, Do We Cut Sawyer Hannay Now?


Time to get rid of Hannay... Right?

(Photo Credit: Richard Lafortune)

By: Henry Whitfield

Summerside native Darcy Ashley was the standout for the Mooseheads, as Mathieu Corbeil made 29 saves and the Moose cleared out the Chicoutimi Sagueneens 6-2 on Friday night.

Although they won by four goals, the final few minutes of the game were infused with badblood and a few nasty fights that saw a number of penalties and fights go down.

With less than forty-five seconds left on the clock, Sawyer Hannay dropped his gloves after the whistle and went for Vermette, and was assessed an instigator penalty, five minutes for fighting and a game misconduct for fighting in the final five minutes.

And despite the 3-inch height advantaged, Hannay proved once again, that he is only good as a punching bag for the opposition.

My question is this: If the Mooseheads cut Garrett Clarke for taking dumb, needless penalties then what discipline should be given to Hannay when he has been suspended once and could see himself suspended once again for his latest bonehead move.

Hannay is probably half the athlete that Clarke was, has shown himself liable to bad defensive give aways and is facing his second suspension of the season.

So why let him stick around and take up space, when a player like Trey Lewis has proven himself a far more formidable fighter and far more responsible in his own zone.

If Bobby Smith and Cam Russell want to continue with their current path of logic, we should see Hannay packing his bags this week.

But then again this is Moose Country and anything can happen, right?

Henry Whitfield is an avid Mooseheads fan and you can find his thoughts on sports and more on his blog, or follow him on twitter @HenryWhitfield. You can also listen to him on air as a regular contributor to the Bill McLean Sports show on 88.1 CKDU.



  1. I agree with you completely about your comparison of the Garrett Clarke situation to Sawyer Hannay. If the Mooseheads contend that Clarke was let go because of indiscipline on the ice they have questions to answer about Hannay. The only difference between the two is that one had a target on his back with referees and was often singled out unfairly for penalties he did not deserve. Hannay is every bit the loose canon, but seems to get away with it (suspensions aside) a little more.

    However, I disagree with your assessment of Hannay as a defenceman. He is a decent player who was probably the team’s top blueliners early in the season when Amyot and Abeltshauser were struggling. He doesn’t give you much offensively, but I have never felt anxious with him on the ice in important situations.

    And your assessment of Hannay’s fighting is WAY off. First, he clearly won the fight with Vermette in which you say “he as only as good as a punching bag for the opposition.” That is simply not true. Moosehead fans have been spoiled over the years with the likes of Shelley and Cormier who were dominant heavyweights in the QMJHL, but Hannay is more than a serviceable policeman for this team. He is always willing to step up to the plate and takes his job of protecting his young teammates seriously. Obviously, he could learn to pick his spots a little better at times, but the Mooseheads are lucky to have a player who can play the tough guy role and be a contributor on the ice. He is young too and will only get better…in both roles.

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