Have Faith With Frk

Will Martin Frk come to Moose Country? His Agent says Have Faith

In today’s Halifax Metro, Mathew Wuerst reported that attempts to sort out the signing of Import Draft pick Martin Frk were not going anywhere.

In the article he wrote that the player is apparently facing contractual issues in the Czech Republic and that his agent Allan Walsh had yet to return phone calls on the issue.

Remembering how active the high-profile agent was during the story-book playoff run by the Habs, he’s the agent for Jaroslav Halak, I took matters into my own hands and fired off a tweet to the agent, who uses the username @walsha:

@walsha How about getting the Frk deal sorted out with the #HalifaxMooseheads so that fans can enjoy his talent! He’s halaktastic! #QMJHL

After a few hours of nervous waiting, Walsh fired me off a reply. It was short but to the point:

@HenryWhitfield Have faith.

Well, there you have it Moose Country, Martin Frk’s agent is telling us to have faith and if all goes well, maybe we will see the young talented forward playing for the Herd this season.

And heck, if you’re reading this Allan Walsh, I’m you’re man if you want to break this story when its done.

That’s it for now out of Moose Country, but keep you’re eyes on my blog for updates as this story evolves and hopefully for next week’s CKDU show we’ll have more details for you.

You can also go listen to the archives for yesterday’s Bill McLean’s Sport Show where we talked Lebronmania, the World Cup and Baseball.


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