Round Of Sixteen Predos

With Sixteen teams knocked out, it’s time for the Round of Sixteen.

There are 5 South American Teams, 6 European Teams, 2 Asian Teams, 1 African Team, Mexico and the USA in the next round, while surprises Japan, Slovakia and Uruguay made it through.

Here are my predictions for the next round and who will go on to the Quarterfinals:

Uruguay 1 – 3 South Korea

This matchup gives us two surprise countries and should provide fans with an exciting game. Uruguay has played a high-octane, attacking style lead by Diego Forlan, while South Korea has been their usual speedy, counter-attacking selves.

As much as I am fully on board the Uruguay, this game will go South Korea’s way as their counter-attack will give them a 3 – 1 win.

USA 1 – 0 Ghana

The USA squeezed through into this round with a last gasp winner by Landon Donovan but have no doubts, they are a real threat to make it deep in this tournament. Ghana were unconvincing, but are the only African side to make it through and that gives them a continents support and should push them into a fantastic display.

This will be a tightly fought game but I’m giving the edge to the USA in a 1-nil win.

Germany 2 – 3 England

This is one of the marquee matchups in World Cup history and it’s unfortunate that the match isn’t a semi-final or final game.

I’m giving the edge to an experience and now unified England squad, over a young and inexperienced German team. My money is on Wayne Rooney hitting the back of the next twice and John Terry to get the winner from a set piece. The final score is going to be 3-2 for England.

Argentina 4 – 0 Mexico

The Hand of God still haunts me, but you can’t argue against the style of play that Diego Maradona has his team playing.

Argentina is a heavy favourite to win this tournament and Mexico just doesn’t have the quality to compete in this and will be heavily outplayed, with a final score of 4-nil in the South American’s favour.

Netherlands 2 – 0 Slovakia

The Dutch are perenial choke-artists much like England, but I am counting on them to go far in this tournament

They have far too much talent for an overmatched side like Slovakia, and I don’t see this as being much of a contest, Oranje will win easily 2-nil.

Brazil 4 – 2 Chile

This matchup will be one of the most exciting games to watch, with both sides playing beautiful passing football and going for a win. Brazil will just have too much class and easily open up the Chilean defence with their counterattack and constant pressure.

Paraguay 1 – 2 Japan

Japan were a shock team to make it into the second round but it is no fluke that they dominated Denmark in their final group game. Although Paraguay is a strong squad, Japan’s discipline style and quick counter-attack will provide too much trouble.

A 2-1 final for Japan is in the books.

Spain 1 – 3 Portugal

The last match of the Round Of Sixteen is another exciting matchup, with rivals Spain and Portugal squaring off in a match that I think favours Portugal.

After their 7-0 win over North Korea, Portugal is on a high and have their talismanic captain feeling relaxed and focused on football, instead of diving and parading around town.

Spain still hasn’t looked their best and their injury worries will hurt them, with Portugal taking an early 2-0 lead, and holding on for a spot in the quarterfinals.

With those predictions done, here are the teams going through: South Korea, USA, England, Argentina, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan and Portugal.

Let me know what you think and if you agree, disagree or just think I’m crazy!



  1. I’m sorry Henry, but there’s a lot in here I don’t agree with for various reasons, but there’s one part that really caught my attention for being just plain wrong:

    “Uruguay has played a high-octane, attacking style lead by Diego Forlan” – I’m sorry, but have you even actually seen a Uruguay match? Cause anyone who has knows Uruguay are basically playing with 8 defensive players (GK, Def and Mid) and 3 offensive players (Forlan, Suarez and Cavani) who are expected to use their considerable goalscoring qualities to seize any opportune moment to score a goal. It is not a “high-octane, attacking style”, it is defensive football and relying on a few talented offensive players to make the difference.

    As for your predictions, most are fairly “predictable”, with the heavy favorites winning. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, especially not with how you see them happen (I don’t think Argentina will have it easy vs mexico for example), but that’s fine.
    There’s one prediction I really don’t agree with: Spain vs Portugal. The 7-0 win for Portugal might look impressive on paper, but is really not that impressive if you actually look at the game and see the piss-poor defending N-Korea showed. Also, David Villa alone has been showing better form this WC, than the entire Portugese squad put together. So for me, Spain is the clear favorite and I predict a 3-1 win for Spain.

    Having said all this, I still say good job and carry on with the (mostly) good work.

    ❤ Wiz

    1. Yes Wizardo, I have indeed watched Uruguay play and in fact watched all three of their matches… high-octane may have been a tad optimistic, however, if you’ve seen the work Suaraz and Forlan have done so far this tournament… well… those two have been quite dominant.

      I do think that after watching Mexico in their group matches, that they really do not have what it takes to compete with Argentina. I think we’ll see that in the match.

      And lastly, the most important part of Portugal beating North Korea was that Ronaldo scored and now has the pressure off his back. I hate the kid, but I really do think that Portugal will pull off this upset…


      1. You’re completely missing the fact that Ronaldo isn’t playing badly because he’s not scoring or because he has a lot of pressure on him. He’s playing badly because he’s a complete outsider on the team. He has never achieved the same level on the national team as he did on any of his clubteams.

        Also, yes Uruguay has 3 (not 2!) very talented offensive players, if you read my comment you see I only agree on that, but the fact they have 3 good attackers doesn’t mean they have an offensive attacking high-octane playstyle, which they don’t.

        Having said that, Uruguay are probably gonna make it to the semifinals and most people will claim they are the “big surprise” this tournament, but if you look at the teams they had to face to get there, it’s really not that big of an upset. Beating Mexico, South Korea, South Africa and (presumably) Ghana is good, but it’s nothing spectacular, even for Uruguay (I’m not even commenting on France, cause that country sucks so much right now I’m pretty sure even New-Zealand would’ve crushed them). Ofcourse they won’t make it past the semis, since they’ll be facing their first real opponent, Holland. 😛

  2. My Predictions were as follows

    Uruguay 2-0 S. Korea
    USA 1-0 Ghana
    Germany 2-1 England
    Argentina 2-0 Mexico
    NL 2-0 Slovak
    Brazil 3-2 Chile
    Japan 1-2 Paraguay
    Portugal 1-2 Spain

    As far as who I want to win..
    Uruguay, USA/Ghana both can lose, England, Messi, NL, Chile, either, Portugal

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