Group Predictions Recap

The Group Stage is over and it’s now time for some knockout action, complete with freedom from Italy and France who have been the two top dogs to go home early.

Argentina looked impressive, while Brazil showed a keen defensive nature. England stumbled into the second round, while Japan made a shock progression into the knockout round.

With the first round complete, here’s a wrap up of how the groups ended and what my original predictions were:

Group A

My Prediction – Mexico (W), France (R), Uruguay, South Africa

Actual Result – Uruguay (W), Mexico (R), France, South Africa

–          France had an epic self destruct and Uruguay stole top spot over an unconvincing Mexico.

Group B

My Prediction – Argentina (W), Nigeria (R), South Korea, Greece

Actual Result – Argentina (W), South Korea (R), Nigeria, Greece

–          Argentina won all three, while South Korea came out and impressed and sent Nigeria home

Group C

My Prediction – England (W), Slovenia (R), USA, Algeria

Actual Result – USA (W), England (R), Slovenia, Algeria

–          Took faith in England and they almost didn’t make it through, USA snuck through with a 92nd minute goal in their final game to take first place

Group D

My Prediction – Germany (W), Australia (R), Ghana, Serbia

Actual Result – Germany (W), Ghana (R), Serbia, Australia

–          Germany came out strong and dominated Australia, stuttered against Serbia but still took top spot.

Group E

My Prediction – Netherlands (W), Cameroon (R), Denmark, Japan

Actual Result – Netherlands (W), Japan (R), Cameroon, Denmark

–          The Netherlands were dominant, while a crafty Japan side snuck in after an impressive win over Denmark in their final group game

Group F

My Prediction – Paraguay (W), Italy (R), New Zealand, Slovakia

Actual Result – Paraguay (W), Slovakia (R), New Zealand, Italy

–          Paraguay easily won this group, Italy showed they’re old and need to rebuild, allowing Slovakia into the next round

Group G

My Prediction – Brazil (W), Ivory Coast (R), Portugal, North Korea

Actual Result – Brazil (W), Portugal (R), Ivory Coast, North Korea

–           Brazil easily won this group, but an unlucky and unfocused Ivory Coast slipped up against Portugal and allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to take his team to the next round.

Group H

My Prediction – Spain (W), Chile (R), Switzerland, Honduras

Actual Result – Spain (W), Chile (R), Switzerland, Honduras

–          Spain took the group after an opening loss to Switzerland, while Chile showed why they’re one of the darkhorse’s of the tournament

I correctly predicted the winner of 6/8 groups, while only going 18/32 for a correct average of 57%. Not too shabby indeed.

Check back soon for my Round Of Sixteen predictions.


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