Top 10 Goalkeeping Blunders

Top Ten Goalkeeping Blunders

The key to any Football team is the Goalkeeper. Look at teams that have dominated year in and year out, and there is usually a big name Goalkeeper between the woodworks. Whether it was Petr Cech for Chelsea in the Mourinho years, Peter Schmeichel for Manchester United or Oliver Kahn in the Bayern Munich net, these teams conceded few goals and won many titles.

Here are Football’s Top Ten Goalkeeping Blunders:

10 – Andy Divil, Barnsley vs Nottingham Forest
Andy Divil was playing for Barnsley in a game against Nottingham Forest when a simple throw out turned into a disaster for the goalkeeper. As he held the ball in one hand to kick it out he failed to notice the Nottingham player. As he protested the striker placed the ball into an open net. As the rules state that a goalkeeper must have both hands on the ball at all times, Mr Divil had no-one to blame but himself and his lack of peripheral vision.

9 – Gianluigi Buffon, Unknown

The man regarded as the greatest goalkeeper in the world isn’t himself immune to the concentration lacking moments that define this list, while its not the worst mistake ever to be made, it’s a mistake that someone as good as him should be above, a reminder that we’re all human.

8 – Massimo Taibi, Manchester United vs Southampton

When legend Peter Schmeichel left Manchester United, the team underwent an expensive and prolonged search for a replacement. The first of the new goalkeepers was to be Massimo. Unfortunately, the Italian stopper had his first game  against Liverpool, where he flapped at a free kick allowing future Liverpool captain Sami Hyypia to score. This however, was not to be his biggest mistake. During his next game against Southampton, Taibi decided to prove to Sir Alex that he was to be the first of many flops. When a simple long range shot from Matt LeTissier went straight through his hands and out his arse. He was given one more chance but after a 5 – 0 drubbing from Chelsea,  he was shut out from the team and packed off to Reggina.

7 – Robert Green, Norwich City vs MK Dons

Future England goalkeeper + mistake = same old story. Back in the days Norwich City were a team looking for promotion and they had been getting rave reviews about a number of their players, no less deserving was their goalkeeper, Robert Green . Who even earned a call up to the England Team after a superb season, but as most people do, even great keepers are prone to mistakes. A simple lack of looking both ways before placing the ball on the grass, allowed MK Dons striker David Johnson to strip the ball off him and into the back of the next.

6 – Oliver Kahn, Unknown

Football’s law states that only the goalkeeper is allowed to use his hands, so long as he his in the area, but what if said goalkeeper is in the other area? German No.1 Kahn decides to test this theory.

5 – Unknown J-League Player, Unknown

Goalkeeping is a specialised position; as such they normally don’t have excellent ball control. But really, it’s much easier for me to show you and let you laugh, this is one of the funniest goals you’ll ever see:

4 – Jens Lehman, Unknown

If you’ve heard his name, you know that we could make endless Top Ten posts about his mistakes and horrific displays of what he calls ‘goal-keeping’. He definitely shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a football pitch. In this one clip, from one game; He pushes over a player, he goes to ground looking for any kind of card on the opposition and then acts like he’s been shot, only to jump right up when the call doesn’t go his way.

3 – Roy Carroll, Manchester United vs Tottenham

Number 13, unlucky for some. Definitely for Roy. Anyone who is familiar with English football remembers this one and we’re here to show everyone else! In a fairly mundane game against Tottenham, Pedro Mendes tries an audacious shot. Cue Manchester United 5th expensive replacement flop: Northern Ireland ‘keeper Roy Carroll. In one play, he makes the biggest blunder we’ve ever seen and then makes a ridiculously big recovery to keep the ball out of the net. We’ll just ignored the fact the ball is cleaaaarly across the line.

2 – Peter Enkleman, Birmingham vs Aston Villa

In a footballer’s career there are few matches bigger than a local Derby, in the UK when the two Birmingham clubs meet, it’s a big deal. You would think that this would be a game where you concentrate thoroughly on the task at hand. As a seemingly harmless throw-in back to the keeper turned into a nightmare as the ball rolled over his foot and into the net, leaving the Birmingham fans with a 2 – 0 win with which they can boast to their rivals to this day.

1 – Jose Higuita, Various Colombian teams

José René Higuita Zapata is a Colombian football goalkeeper who is famous for inventing the “scorpion kick”; a clearance where the keeper jumps forward, arching his legs over his head and in doing so, kicks the ball away with his heels. This save earned him notoriety when he pulled it off in a friendly game against England in September, 1995, blocking a mistaken cross by Jamie Redknapp.

It it was a mistake by him that knocked Colombia out of the 1990 World Cup, where he seemingly dithered with the ball at his feet 35 yards from goal and cost his their place in the tournament. Mistakes like this earned him the nickname “El Loco” by media and fans alike.

He sports a dirty moustache, a big hairstyle and still thinks he’ll break into the Colombian National side. Here’s your top blunder and some of his highlights rolled into one convenient video:

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