The Beginning of the End

Part One: The Promotion Battle

 English Tom here, and for my first post we’ll be breaking down the final weeks of the English Football League, from top of the top to the lowest of the low.

 With two weeks of the Football season remaining, many things in English football have yet to be decided;

 In English League Two, who would join newly promoted Nott’s County? Below in League, would One it be Leeds to join Norwich in the Championship after 3 years of league one hell? The Championship Playoffs last spot is still up for grabs with Blackpool and Swansea fighting tooth and nail.

 All of that is before we even bring up the Top Flight. I the Premier League, three-time Manchester United and Chelsea are so close that a slip-up from either side will take the trophy from the Manchester chamber of honour.

 Meanwhile there is the small matter of who is going to have to endure the hardship of relegation. In the Premier League, everything is confirmed Portsmouth (Henry wipe that smile off), Burnley and Hull will be playing the likes of Bristol City  in the Championship next year. Portsmouth’s money problems will  have hopefully have been resolved over the summer or they will head the way of Leeds United and other great clubs and be lost to the depths of the English league system. (Can someone please stop Henry’s smiling?)

 Burnley and Hull, should both be strong enough to mount and will challenge next year so long as they managed to hold onto there key players, Burnley will have to improve defensively whilst Hull will need to solve there goal-scoring crisis, namely by signing someone who can put the ball in the goal, anyone will be an improvement. To be honest, I’m sure there’s a Hull fan out there somewhere that will be willing to show the others some passion.

 The Championship relegation battle is all but over. Peterborough and Plymouth are done, and it’ll take a huge turn around for Sheffield Wednesday to survive the drop but the fate of the draw and the beauty of football lives on in the fact that they play there relegation rivals Crystal Palace today and whoever comes out with a win will be celebrating survival whilst the other …… relegation. Needless to say this game is huge, (so it’ll be a bore – draw then.)

 In League One, Wycombe joined a desperately poor Stockport in relegation, and will be in League 2 next year. I expect Southend to join them, and then a three way tie between Gillingham, Tranmere and Exeter to be decided next week, however a excellent result for the Gills today against Southampton (told you to stop smiling Henry) and Tranmere finding an excellent display against Millwall to win 2 – 0 and Exeter only managing a draw the last relegation spot looks likely to be the 3 game scenario (for those unaware of this rule allow me – find yourself a bar with three TV’s put each game on a different telly and you have yourself the best moment in sport, three teams who each know how the others are doing fighting for survival – great stuff).

 In League Two, we have the fight between Grimsby and Barnet for joining Darlington in the Blue Square Premier League. Saturday morning Grimsby were on 41 points to Barnet’s 45, Barnet were in control of there own destiny as a win for them would have sealed Grimsby’s demise and as the football Gods would have it they decided to pit the two clubs together on this the penultimate day! Needless to say Barnet messed up and Grimsby managed a 2 – 0 win to take their fight to the last day.


 Tom Dobbyne throw’s his own spin on current sports affairs and offers satirical commentary on current events. Follow him @TomDobbyne or on Facebook as English Tom.


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