The Beginning of The End

Part Two: Time for the Silverware…

Now on to the boring stuff, winning trophies!

 After Norwich managed to secure the League One title last week all eyes were on Leeds, watching if they were able to secure second place and promotion to the Championship. Effectively ending the downward spiral Leeds have been on since 2003, all they had to do was go to fourth placed Charlton and win; Charlton meanwhile were in a hunt of there own, if they could beat Leeds they would be within two points of second place themselves and take the fight for automatic promotion to the wire.

 However because there’s no excitement on seeing a teams win before the last day Charlton managed to pull of a late goal 1 – 0 win to give themselves,  Millwall, Swindon a lovely grandstand finish for second place.

 The Premier League is a little more exciting this year than in previous years, with the trophy still undecided, and the real excitement is to whether Liverpool can do the unthinkable, beat Chelsea, without Torres and in so doing send the title effectively to Old Trafford for not just the fourth year in a row but for the 19th time overall meaning that Manchester United, their oldest and fiercest rivals.

 This will allow Sir Alex Ferguson to succeed in his mission of “Knocking Liverpool off their !@#$#  perch” and become the most successful English club of all time. However, if the Scousers fail to beat Chelsea then they risk not only losing the last champions league place, a position surely needed by the American owners in order to sell the club, the manager, in order to not only stay and keep his best players but attract them too.                                                                                                                    

Elsewhere in the battle for fourth place,  Manchester City (Citeh!), Tottenham and Aston Villa all played today with Citeh beating Villa and Tottenham securing a nervy win over Bolton to put them to within touching distance of the line. They still need to win or hope Citeh lose next week or else it will be the blue half of Manchester with a huge bargaining chip along with all that money which will make the best players in the world take notice.

 Either way it looks to be a great day of football in store, check back later to see my reaction to the day’s events! And check my twitter for a live feed update (as best as my heart will do!)

 Thanks for reading my first post I know it was a long one but keep an eye out for my next few including my World Cup preview coming in the next few weeks!

 Tom Dobbyne throw’s his own spin on current sports affairs and offers satirical commentary on current events. Follow him @TomDobbyne or on Facebook as English Tom.


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