A Few Changes Around Here

If you have been reading ‘Sports With Henry’ for the last few weeks, you will notice a drastic change and there are more to come.

Name Change // Gone is the old name ‘Sports With Henry’ and in with a new, distinct blog name: “The Ignorant Sports Fan”

Theme Change // The Black/Orange is gone for a more simplistic, appealing theme but expect this to change as I edit/mess around with color schemes.

New Contributors // Starting with next week there will be a few more contributors to the blog (Hence the name change…). That being said, if anyone wants to write and contribute to the blog contact or leave a comment.

Video Updates // Currently we’re looking into adding a weekly or twice weekly video update to the blog. This will add some more media to the site, and hopefully keep you coming back for more!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading and following so far, we’ve had a much higher view count than I had expected and with the changes, we’ll keep growing!


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