Footie Gone Wild..

When the Title race has been closer than John Terry and Wayne Bridge’s  ex-girlfriend, there was bound to be some wild moments in the closing weeks of the English Premier League season.

Super Scholes – After dropping to 4pts below Chelsea, the defending champions were all but considered out of the race for the title. Heading into the Manchester Derby verse Man City this past weekend, Manchester United needed a win to stay on course. After Man City showed they’re a legit contender and kept the score at nil-nil, the ageless sensation Paul Scholes showed why he’s still starting at his age and put away a header in extra time to pull off a 1-nil win and throw the pressure back on Chelsea.

Choking Chelsea – As a self admitted die-hard Chelsea supporter, this weekend was gutting. After watching Man Utd win in the last moments, we needed a win. 90 Minutes later, I’d watched John Terry go off with a Red, and my boys in blue lose 2-1 in a lacklustre performance against Tottenham Hotspur. Needless to say, with Liverpool still to go our 1pt lead is a little small for my liking, but at least I can count on Rafa doing something illogical to lose that match.

And fourth goes to… – Well, speaking of those delightful and struggling Liverpool boys, the question begs: Who will finish fourth this season? Liverpoolsits 5 points behind the pace and in seventh, while Aston Villa sits in sixth two points ahead at 61 on the season. Both teams have played 35 matches, while Man City sits in 5th with 62 points and Tottenham with 64 points and both of them have a game in hand. With Tottenham still to face Manchester United, i’m going to throw it out there that the table finishes like this:

4th – Man City // 5th – Tottenham // 6th – Aston Villa // 7th – Liverpool

Poor, Poor Portsmouth – What a story, as a Saints fan, well, it’s wonderful to see that our neighbours who once waved 20-pound notes at our team when we were relegated twice, is now going down in the same way. Karma anyone? However, announced today that the team faces 120-million pound debts, its unfortunate that a team destined for their second FA Cup final in two years faces such a problem. This is the clearest indication that ownership issues in the EPL are out of hand and more must be done or the league will start to chip away. With most teams with some debt (Chelsea is Debt Free by the by), things need to chance quick.

The Special One – Am I the only one not surprised that Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan beat Barca in a convincing 3-1 manner yesterday? Seriously, one of the best managers in the world (Enjoy him soon Manchester United fans), he is a masterclass tactician and showed why he has dominated with Porto, Chelsea and now Inter Milan.

Henry Whitfield is an avid sports fan who covers everything and anything in the sports world, while focusing on hockey and football. Follow him on twitter @HenryWhitfield.



  1. U didnt even mention Arsenal!!!!! to tell u the truth, im doubtful we will make 4th, let alone finish 3rd! we still have to play Man City, Blackburn and Stoke with most of our starting line-up injured…

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