Oh Playoff Hockey You Wonderful Thing You..

What’s going on in this wild run the Stanley Cup?!

Last week I made my super sweet predictions for the first round of the Stanley Cup, and well, they were not looking so sweet after the first games. The team I picked to win, won just two out of the first eight games. Whoops.

After the first week, here are some of my thoughts on how the playoffs are shaping up:

Senators Have a Chance – Other than some of the most die-hard Senator fans, not many would have given the Ottawa Senators much of a shot in this series. However, after two games where the Senators dominated the Penguins at home, the team from Ontario is being seen as a legitimate contender. After two games, the series is tied at one a piece and the Senators have outplayed Sid the Kid and his cohorts for much of the 120 minutes. However, I still think that the Pens will take this series.

Overtime Playoff Hockey is Awesome –The overtime games in this post-season make a hockey fan crave more overtime in the regular season.  Montreal started it off with a wild win over Ovechkin on Thursday, with both teams throwing caution to the wind and going full tilt for the win. Then later on that night, Vancouver and LA went to overtime, in a period that saw highlight reel saves and the eventual winner from Sammy to lift the Canucks to a win. Whether you win or lose in overtime, something can be said about how amazing that extra period or two is to experience as a hockey fan.

The Missing Russian –As I write this, Ovechkin just scored to make it a 4-3 hockey game, however, the point stands: Ovechkin is Washington’s best player, and he needs to play like it. Not getting a shot off in the first game against Montreal is a problem and the wild Russian needs to step it up or his team will be knocked out of the playoffs early for the third straight year. *Editor Note: Ovey is now single-handedly destroying the Canadiens in this series. Consider this moot.

I Want to move to the West Coast – Being stuck watching Ottawa and Toronto games is like torture, when you compare them to the talent in the West. With games late at night for us on the East coast. it’s tough to catch the skill and talent out there. Just looking at the quality in Phoenix (Wow, just a year ago they almost moved…), San Jose, Colorado, Vancouver, Chicago and LA is outrageous. Anyone care to let me live with them on the West Coast?

Underdog Goaltending on top? – If anyone told me in September that Boucher (PHI), Elliot (OTT) and Anderson (COL) would be backstopping their teams to playoff wins over the likes of Brodeur (NJ), Fluery (PIT) or Nabokov (SJ) i’d of called you crazy. Will these underdog goalies turn Giguère on us and get hot, taking their team deep into the playoffs or will they crumble under the pressure of the playoffs? Time will tell on these unproven goaltenders.

More to come as the playoffs roll on and my predictions ACTUALLY come true


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