Mooseheads Season Review 09/10

Halifax Mooseheads End Of Season Report Card

So this is a little bit late, but with the QMJHL season drawing to a close, I figured it would be nice to throw a recap up before the draft.

These are just my thoughts on the team and by no means are they perfect, feel free to post up your thoughts on the team.

Best Forward: The Moosehead Captain Tomas Knotek was far ahead of the rest of the team as the best player. Turning up night in and night out down the stretch; he finished with 28 goals, 30 assists in 61 games played. In what may be his last season as a Moosehead, the Czech filled the season with endless highlight reel moments, rewarding the loyal fans who stuck by the struggling tem.

 Worst Forward: Many to choose from, but the most consistent letdown was

Best Defencemen:  Any team that wins just 13 games and gives up 288 is going to struggle to find a Top Defencemen. However, Pascall Amyot was a big part of the little success that this team had. He was given the tough challenge on most nights of shutting down the other teams top lines and for the most part played well.

Worst Defencemen: What can you say, other than Garrett Clarke was a huge disappointment this season. A highly touted pickup, he showed a lack of composure that more than once cost the team games while he sat in the penalty box. He’s a player that plays his game on the fine line that can cost your team a big game or get a big win. He’ll need to prove to Cam that he’s ready to be responsible for the coach/GM, or he’ll be on his way out before he plays another game for the Mooseheads

Best Trade: In picking up Peter Delmas at the trade deadline Cam Russell made one of his best moves since taking over as the GM of the team. Providing solid Veteran backup to an overworked youngster in Mathieu Corbeil, and picking up a goalie that had something to prove after a disappointing stint in Quebec. Delmas went on to post just 5 wins in 14 starts, but gave Corbeil the break he needed.

Worst Trade: The loss of Spencer Metcalfe on trade deadline took away a veteran presence on the backend and removed the toughness that bottom dwelling clubs need. Hannay forgot how to fight when Metcalfe left, and the team lost the edge that helped protect their more skilled players.

Biggest Surprise: Steve Gillard made a case to be the best defencemen this season and there are high hopes for the young defencemen in the future. He showed great speed and the ability to shut down the top players in the league, move over Clarke, Gillard is the key player this defence needs to be build around. 

Biggest Disappointment: Coming off a season where Yuri Cheremetiev 22 goals and 27 assists, the Russian born player was a huge disappointment at the start of the season which led to his eventual trade to the Acadie-Bathurst Titan.

Overall Feeling: The team finished with a dismal 13 win season that saw them score just 177 goals and let by 288. With a 0.192 winning percentage the positives are few and far between.

Cam Russell showed so far that he has been able to wheel and deal to put the team into a great position heading into the draft. However, over the course of the season he showed he lacks the skill and experience to properly coach a young team. Inconsistency and the inability to get his boys to show up for the ‘easy’ matchups caused the team to drop points way to easily.

The Young Herd showed heart at moments and allowed the boys a glimpse into what the team could be in the future.

What the future holds: With a young core on the backend and some young talented forwards coming up next season, not to mention 7 picks in the first 35 in this years draft; Well it is safe to say Moose Country is optimistic for next season.  Missing the playoffs will cost Cam Russell his job, but there is little worry that will happen with just 2 teams missing the playoffs each year.

Coming up before the draft will be my “Draft Wishlistand what the Moose need to step up next season!


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