First Week Review – Baseball

Well, what an opening week for Major League Baseball.

This week saw the return of Mark McGwire, a surging Blue Jay team, the Arizona Diamondbacks hit 13 runs in one inning and the Triple-A debut of Aroldis Chapman.

Quick Starts – The Toronto Blue Jays posted 5-straight wins after dropping a lead late in their season opener to the Texas Rangers. The Detroit Tigers started 5-1 but needed a late come back to pick up a 9-8 decision over  the Cleveland Indians Sunday night. Although  San Fransisco was embarrassed by a spelling mistake on a jersey, they started 5-1 and Philadelphia backed by a hot start from Ryan Howard also started 5-1.

Hot Rookie – Jason Heyward started his MLB career off in style with a home run in his first at bat, then added two more this week. He wrapped up his first week in the pro’s with 8 RBIs, 7 Hits and 5 Runs. Not too shabby at all.

Fantasy Batter of the Week: This week saw both Nelson Cruz and Vernon Wells hit 4 HRs each, but the player of the week was Ryan Howard with 3 HRs, 6 Rs, 10 RBIs.

Fantasy Pitcher of the Week: A number of Pitchers had double wins this week, but the Pitcher of the week is Jon Rauch of the Minnesota Twins who had 4 saves this week. Not bad for a player who wasn’t seen as the closer going into training camp.


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